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Explosion weißer Farbpartikel. CASUL COLOURS steht für erstklassige und nachhaltige Farbprodukte mit Fokus auf Wohngesundheit und Umweltschutz.

Colours are our world – Sustainability drives us

With CASUBLANCA, we have developed an innovative and high-quality product line for the highest demands of house painters: free of harmful substances and environmentally friendly, with long durability and excellent surface protection. CASUBLANCA colours offer the highest hiding power, perfect whiteness and extreme adhesion on almost all substrates. This is made possible by its recipe, which features the natural raw material CASUL. This unique, patented white mineral performs as well as traditional colours do - but in a biological way. Free of preservatives, solvents, algaecides and fungicides, CASUBLANCA ensures a healthy indoor climate and a protected exterior façade.

The CASUBLANCA colour products can be bought from stationary-specialised traders. Learn more about the CASUL COLOURS company and find your personal contact.

About CASUL COLOURS and our team

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CASUBLANCA Grundierungen zertifiziert durch das ECO Institut CASUBLANCA Innenfarben zertifiziert durch das ECO Institut CASUBLANCA Fassadenfarben zertifiziert durch das ECO Institut ISEGA Unbedenklichkeitserklärung für CASUBLANCA Innenfarben ISEGA Unbedenklichkeitserklärung für patentiertes Weißmineral CASUL CASUBLANCA Innenfarben sind als Allergiker-geeignet zertifiziert

CASUBLANCA Product benefits

Living healthier

Free of harmful substances and odourless, antibacterial, food-safe, suitable for allergy sufferers, natural mould protection, without preservatives and film protection agents.

Protecting facades and the environment

Long-lasting facade protection, without the addition of algaecides and fungicides, natural protection against algae and fungal infestation, no leaching of pollutants.

Superb hiding power

100 per cent hiding power, highest classification

Highest whiteness

Highest whiteness due to multifunctional whitening mineral CASUL

CASUBLANCA products at a glance

Casublanca in use

Painters about Casublanca

We have tested the CASUBLANCA interior colour extensively in practice and the feedback from our employees and customers is overwhelmingly positive. We highly recommend it.

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